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FlipQuick is the missing link that the auto industry is in need of. We are a Canadian company that is the first and only service that provides an interactive marketplace which links public sellers to certified dealerships. Our service was created to get you the most for your vehicle in the most convenient and efficient way possible. No more shopping around, getting low-balled or wasting your time. In just 24 hours, you will have the best price offered to you from all of the local dealerships in your area.

We are two brothers, and auto brokers born and raised in Edmonton, AB. In the 80’s, our father opened one of the first public auto auctions in the City, ultimately beginning our journey into the auto industry.

We have relationships with dealerships all over Alberta, and we have extensive knowledge of the auto business. To find out interesting facts and hidden secrets in the industry that many people are not aware of, we highly recommend following our blog.

We have watched the obstacles that individuals face when it comes to selling their vehicles and the frustration that it can lead to, as well as the struggles that dealerships face everyday. As much it may seem that car dealers are out to get you, they also have struggles and there are reasons behind all of their tactics.

Before the internet, people used to have to put full trust in dealerships and the numbers that they would value our vehicles at. Once the internet came around, it educated society on vehicle prices and what to expect for their cars. We have watched this transition from start to present.

However, this poses a problem for dealerships because; YES online your exact vehicle is technically posted for 5 thousand dollars more than you were offered for your car. The reasons might be the km, the condition of the vehicle, the current market, etc. There are varying reasons that differentiate a vehicle’s value, and just because that vehicle online is posted for a certain amount doesn’t necessarily mean that it will sell for asking price.

These obstacles that many of us experience are the main reason we decided to build FlipQuick. We hate the reputation that the auto industry has developed over the last 40 years and it’s time for a change. To date, the selling tactics and available resources are outdated and no longer beneficial. We have been progressing with the internet, but we need to step it up to the next level. FlipQuick will do just that.

Because of the way we have designed our app, dealerships are kept honest, you will be offered the most competitive price on your vehicle, and we can guarantee that the number offered to you, is in fact the highest value. It’s user-friendly, it’s quick, it’s safe and most importantly it’s hassle free.

Let’s put it this way, FlipQuick is going to completely change the automotive world. It’s a change that the industry has been in desperate need of and it’s about time that the automotive industry moves forward innovatively. With the download of our app, we promise you the most value for your vehicle. All you have to do is fill in your vehicle information, and check back in 24 hours.

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